Hi, I’m Martin. I’m a writer, solopreneur, and lifelong learner.

I created Think8020.com to share my passion for the 80/20 principle. I want to show you how you can use it to simplify your life and get more from less.

I first learned about the rule from Richard’s Koch’s books. They covered not only business applications but also—more interesting to me—ingenious personal uses. Since then, I’ve also read other authors writing about simplicity, such as Gary Keller, Greg McKeown, and Ernie Zelinski. I keep deepening my understanding of the principle to this day (and I keep making mistakes!).

I used the rule in various areas of my life. For example:

  • I became a bestselling self-published author (I use pen names to separate my brands). The rule helped me understand that the most important job is to publish regularly. My business grew rapidly as I focused on building a big catalog of titles.
  • Learn foreign languages. English is my second language, Spanish is my third. I used the 80/20 principle to identify the most effective learning strategies such as fully immersing myself in another language.
  • Learn several sports, including surfing, swimming, and rock climbing. In each new sport, I look for the key drills I can repeat over and over again to develop the right fundamentals.

The 80/20 rule has also helped me uncover other essential, guiding principles in life. For example, one of my key rules is to expand my comfort zone. It has helped me develop self-confidence, travel all around the world, overcome a fear of heights and of open water.

On this website I share my thoughts and experiences striving to live a simple, focused life. I cover various topics, primarily with solopreneurs and small business owners in mind.

My mission is to share philosophies that will help you achieve higher productivity, focus on what matters most, and enjoy more peace of mind.

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