Don’t Be Proud That You Work Hard

Smart work is the epitome of self-respect. Hard work is the embodiment of self-abuse. In today’s world of leverage, associating effort with a job well done is an absurd notion.

Being sore doesn’t mean you had a great workout. In fact, it means you overextended yourself. Working hard doesn’t mean you achieved great results, either. It’s often quite the opposite.

The brute force, as the name implies, drives out thought. And without careful thinking, we fail to prioritize the most essential tasks. We reduce ourselves to mindless machines, not the intelligent beings that designed them.

And where’s pride in that? Where’s pride in getting results with the highest cost possible?

Should we delight in being wasteful with our time, energy, focus, and other resources? Or should we delight in using our brain to find the most elegant and efficient solution, saving our precious resources for other uses?