Give Yourself a Chance

Imagine embarking on a journey from New York to Los Angeles. It would be silly to get frustrated at your progress and turn back home after a mere 10 hours of driving, barely getting to Indiana.

This is how most of us operate. We get excited for a new skill, a new business, or a new relationship only to step back when it gets difficult.

For the first five years of my entrepreneurial journey, I didn’t give myself a chance to succeed.

I don’t even remember all the businesses I started during those years. What I remember well, though, was that whenever I faced too much adversity, I gave up.

When I grew tired of the journey, usually within months, I headed back home—only to start a new project a week later. There was no mathematical possibility of ever succeeding with this approach.

One simple decision helped me escape this predicament: I forbade myself from straying off the path for a full year. This was enough time to not only plant the seeds but also get to see them sprout (something my previous M.O. prevented me from).

Give yourself enough time to develop a new skill, grow a new business, or explore a new relationship before you decide to try something else. What’s often wrong is not the project but your attitude.

We complicate our lives by giving up when things get hard—when “easier” is right around the corner if we only dig a little deeper.