Is Solopreneurship the Ultimate 80/20 in Business?

The most unenjoyable periods in my business life come from the projects that involved hiring employees.

I love entrepreneurship because it allows me to work when I want, on what I want, without ever reporting to anyone else. Having employees has always felt to me like prison, as having a job and a boss, rather than the flexibility and freedom.

Perhaps I was doing the whole “leadership” thing wrong. But it doesn’t change the fact that I’m a lone wolf by nature.

I don’t like to collaborate. I want to own the creative process.

I don’t want to lead. I prefer to be away from both the leaders and the followers.

Business gurus would tell me that I have “limiting” beliefs.

But after my most recent business failure, I’m now sure that for a person like me, solopreneurship is the only smart 80/20 choice.

My calendar is empty. I don’t have to explain my decisions to anyone. I can take time off when I want. I‘m not responsible for anyone’s financial security.

For many business models, hiring isn’t the best or the only growth strategy. We can use smarter leverage: content, code, contractors, and creativity.

Before you hire anyone, ask yourself if you can use any of the above. And if you can’t, don’t assume you have to hire someone now. You may grow your business through subtraction, too.

If you don’t see another way out than to hire someone, ask yourself if the price of growth is worth the trouble.

There’s no shame in being a company of one. For a lone wolf, nothing is more rewarding than doing your own thing on your own terms.


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