Do you want a simpler life?

Hi, I’m Martin. I’m a writer, solopreneur, and lifelong learner.

Let me share with you my thoughts on how to use the 80/20 principle to live a more rewarding life.

Why think 80/20?

Originally discovered by Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, the 80/20 principle is a power law stating that 80% of outcomes come from 20% of the causes.

In simple terms, the rule says that only a few vital factors have a disproportionate impact on the results. The rest is largely insignificant.

We can apply the 80/20 rule in all fields. Through cultivating a counterintuitive attitude, we can enjoy a more rewarding life while doing less.

Think 80/20 is the place where you’ll learn how to embrace this fascinating philosophy.

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Smart work is the epitome of self-respect. Hard work is the embodiment of self-abuse. In today’s world of leverage, associating effort with a job well done is an absurd notion.

Being sore doesn’t mean you had a great workout. In fact, it means you overextended yourself. Working hard doesn’t mean you achieved great results, either. It’s often quite the opposite.

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Deliberate Ignorance Is a Superpower

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

I’d like to learn everything in an instant. My answer to this question might be boring. But whatever you want to have in life, learning is the starting, the middle, and the end point. Any superpower pales in comparison to this most versatile skill. Learning is living. Living is learning.

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Time Is of the Essence

I spent today’s afternoon planting rockspray cotoneaster at my girlfriend’s father’s grave.

It’s a flowering plant with small, red berries that attract birds. As a person who spent the entire life in the countryside, attuned to nature, he would have liked it.

He suddenly passed away last year when he was 54.

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