Paying Attention to What Underpins It All

You can have all the money there is, yet feel like the poorest person in the world.

If you’re expecting me to say that what you need is time, relationships, or health, you guessed wrong. Yes, all of these are treasures. But there’s one more thing that underpins even those blessings.

I’m talking about peace of mind.

Spiritual traditions call it “equanimity,” or the state of an even mind regardless of the events happening in the outside world.

In Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says:

In sorrows not dejected, and in joys
Not overjoyed; dwelling outside the stress
Of passion, fear, and anger; fixed in calms
Of lofty contemplation

It’s in this neutral state that we find most peace. We don’t resist the world nor cling to it. Neither of these give us any lasting harmony. Instead, we surrender to reality and make the most of every moment as it is.

In this equanimous state, life gets easier. How do we practice?

We can notice and relax in the face of disturbances instead of letting them provoke a reaction from us. This can help improve our relationships and avoid impulsive decisions.

We can be careful not to be arrogant when we’re enjoying success and not be broken when we’re having a bad break. This can help us stay in control in all life cycles.

We can choose to appreciate the universe as it is instead of complaining about something we don’t like. This can help us come to terms with even the most unpleasant aspects of life and not lose our sanity as they (inevitably) happen.

As you simplify your life, go beyond optimizing your business or everyday chores alone. Go to the root. Practice equanimity.