Resisting the Pull Toward Chaos

Is there some kind of dark magic that pulls us away from simplicity toward disorder?

Science posits that there is. It’s called entropy.

Of course, it has nothing to do with magic. But the way it makes us act resembles wizardry a lot.

Imagine you want to simplify your life, so you give yourself a makeover. You question your everyday obligations and get rid of the ones you don’t find essential. You internalize the incredible value of time. You make decisions that prioritize results over effort. You learn the magic word to fix your busy schedule. You even clean your wardrobe.

Your life is now simple and enjoyable. You have more time and more energy while having less work and less stress. Yet magically, as weeks go by, you find yourself adding new obligations again. Your life gets complicated again. You stop saying no to things that don’t contribute to your life.

You end up in a similar spot to the one you got out of.

I recently realized that I had been giving away too much of my focus and energy to projects I hadn’t meticulously appraised  before embarking on them. Now I find myself stretched between different directions, frustrated that my calendar is too busy.

So as a reminder to you and to myself, I’m writing these words.

The pull toward chaos is always there. If you aren’t conscious of it and regularly course correct, your 80/20 lifestyle may soon turn back into a convoluted mess. Don’t take a simple life for granted. Like everything else, it also takes work to maintain it.

As for me, I’m yet again trimming down responsibilities. I’m also relearning the value of non-doing. If there’s any magic that dominates my life, I want it to be the magic of the present moment.


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