The Magic Word to Fix Your Busy Schedule

Are you burdened by a half-finished project you can’t seem to wrap up?

Deep down, you know that you’ll never finish it. But you’re unable to call it quits. Because quitting is for losers, right?

All that guilt robs you of mental energy you could have spent on a more worthwhile endeavor that excites you. Yet, you keep deceiving yourself that one day you’ll get the project done—along with so many other tasks on your ever-growing to-do pile.

But did you know that you can complete a project by dropping it?

Arianna Huffington asked this very question when giving a speech on finding balance in life. It’s such great wisdom offered in such simple words.

Dropping a project doesn’t have the same negative connotation as quitting it.

If it’s not working out for you—and if you can’t seem to finish it, it isn’t—drop it. In its place, you’ll have more mental bandwidth to work on something that goes more smoothly for you.

You’re not a quitter. You’re efficient with your resources, shifting them from a low-value area to one of a higher value. You’re thinking 80/20.

There’s incredible power in freeing up your mind by eliminating junk tasks. The sense of relief and the new opportunities overpower any (unfounded) guilt.