Why Race to the Finish Line?

Books where you highlight entire paragraphs on almost every page are rare. They also need to find you at the right moment so that you’re open to their message. Exploring the topics of mindfulness and self-compassion, I’ve recently added a new such gem to my (digital) bookshelf: Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach.

One of the most powerful quotes, pertinent to the 80/20 philosophy, hits with full force right at the beginning of the book:

Convinced that we are not good enough, we can never relax. We stay on guard, monitoring ourselves for shortcomings. When we inevitably find them, we feel even more insecure and undeserving. We have to try even harder. The irony of all of this is… where do we think we are going anyway? One meditation student told me that he felt as if he were steamrolling through his days, driven by the feeling that he needed to do more. In a wistful tone he added, “I’m skimming over life and racing to the finish line—death.”

Why do we race to the finish line?